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"Welcome To NetworkFisher...

We Make The Journey Into Your Online Business World Exciting and Rewarding"

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"Give Your Business What Every Business Needs In

The Online Business World"

An Internet Presence

  • Websites

  • Blogs

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

Internet Branding 

  • Your Identity

  • Your Unique Proposition

  • The Value You Offer

  • Continuous Promotion

An Internet Following

  • Niche Marketing

  • Marketing Funnel

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Mission Is To Ensure Your Business Has:

1. A Compelling Presence - 2. An Unforgettable Brand3. A Loyal Following

Discovering The 'New World'

Thousands of entrepreneurs, small and local business owners have joined larger corporations on the world wide web either for the benefits of E-commerce, to expand their business or to create and cultivate a virtual world capable of supporting them in the real world.
Although that sounds like a huge move it actually only represents a small wave compared to the shift currently underway.
The internet already accommodates nearly 4 billion active online users and the advancements in hand held communication devices promises to not only expand that number but increase user activity.
The more 'normal' people that emerge as walking, talking success stories of how the internet has given them the personal freedom and lifestyle they've been craving... the greater the demand for online home business opportunities, training and services will become.
The more local business owners who expand their client base as a result of internet marketing the greater the demand for internet marketing professionals will become.
Finally as more traditional small and local business owners realize the full potential of web based business, and the capability they have of expanding into the international online business marketplace, demand for everything connected to internet business is going to explode.

There will always be those who want to invest big and get results quickly but most of the momentum will be from those who've never been in business before and have very little capital to invest.

Likewise some will attempt to learn and do as much as possible by themselves while others will hire professionals to provide specialized services for them.
We're willing to work with anyone who has an interest in doing business online and we know how frustrating the entire process can be for those who don't have any technical background.
The books I've written, the training calls I've conducted, the one on one consulting and the formation of this company all spring from an earnest desire to enable anyone to get it... understand it and ultimately manipulate the internet until it performs exactly what they expect it to.
Until problems are encountered, solutions aren't needed. The excitement of journeying into the online world with people who don't know anything about any of it is this, "They don't have preconceptions of what is possible and what is impossible."
If you told me ten years ago I could put a video message online that had the capability of reaching a market 10x greater than the most expensive Super Bowl ad for free... for life...
Somewhere, someone is currently cooking up an idea that most people will think is just crazy. The only thing crazy about cooking up an idea is forgetting to throw something in the pot.
                                                                        David Beairsto


"The Big Picture Book of Online Home Business"

NetworkFisher designed this free resource to coincide with our latest website that offers information and formal training to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as current business owners seeking to assimilate their physical business into the virtual 'Online Business World.'
After working with people entering the 'Online Business World' from different backgrounds and for different reasons one thing was clear.
The lack of formal technical training is more than a slight obstacle in the path of people who want to create an internet presence or expand their business into the virtual world. More time was being wasted in Q&A sessions, open training calls and even one on one consultations because they lacked the verbiage to communicate what they wanted to do to those who knew how to do it.
The goal of 'The Big Picture Book..' and the free videos, articles and webinars found on the site is simply to help bring clarity to those without a real gift for all things technical. The book itself will undergo revisions as often as necessary depending upon feedback from real people who discover a new picture or image that can potentially bring even more clarity.
We're witnessing thousands of people all over the world every day discovering a growing number of business opportunities that are all either enhanced or completely dependent upon leveraging the power of the internet in some form or fashion.
The vision and goal of the site is to help individuals who can in turn help others as they grow in business, form private networks or systematically overhaul their online marketing funnel.
The clearer the 'Big Picture' becomes in the minds of business owners who carefully plan, the greater their potential for success as they implement those plans. Professionals never stop learning and growing which means planning is a part of the ongoing process of business.
When your business design begins with the big picture in mind it's easier to manage the smaller details because they serve a well defined role in the overall scheme. This resource allows people to engage in the entire design of 'their' specific business concept before they ever spend a penny.

"How To Create Your Online Business World In 6 Days"

Knowing that the explosion of technology has only increased peoples desire to obtain what they want without waiting inspired this ebook which is a guide for getting through the technical confusion in order to reach one specific goal... establishing your business online.
Calling it an 'Online Business World' isn't a stretch by any means. This virtual reality has it's own elements, laws and atmosphere. This isn't just a survival guide for a strange new world, this is the creation manual that puts 'your' world into orbit in the online universe.
Traditional business principles, rules and guidelines can either be carried in or slightly modified but there are several concepts unique to this world:
  1. Niche marketing within the global community to specific people
  2. Electronic databases with which to stay in touch, share information and market to your niche (the inhabitants of your world)
  3. Commerce that never stops or slows down regardless of what you're doing (i.e. sleeping, vacationing, retiring etc...)
There are many ways to acquire the knowledge this book shares but they all involve a lot more time than most (busy) people can afford. Using the step by step method, I've divided the book into a daily structure that only requires 2 hours to consume the information and apply what you learn.
  • Day 1: Defining your niche in 'keyword' detail
  • Day 2: Creating your email marketing campaign
  • Day 3: Creating your blog (the central hub of your world)
  • Day 4: Creating article content
  • Day 5: Creating video content
  • Day 6: Creating (expanding) your social media presence
The bonus is in the discovery that you'll have created your first marketing funnel (content funnel) after only 6 days. This funnel is drawn in a diagram at the end of the book.
The extra bonus is the next funnel (ad funnel) which is also illustrated in a diagram at the end of the book. While creation of the next funnel will require more information, the empowerment of knowing you've created the first one makes taking the next step far less scary.
This ebook is offered free for anyone who becomes a client of NetworkFisher because regardless of what we do for you, we want you to know why.

"3 Online Anchors Every Business Needs"

'Online Business' isn't restricted to a specific type or location. More traditional business owners are discovering the advantages the internet offers for expanding their business both locally and internationally.
From home business enthusiasts, to brick and mortar and independent service professionals the internet has become more than a tool. Hand held devices bring immediate search results from the world wide web and enable consumers to access products and services on demand wherever they find themselves.
If your business isn't there, you're losing business. If your business isn't there correctly, you're losing business. If your business is already online but can't be found... you're losing business and wasting money.
This ebook follows the pattern and vision of NetworkFisher to make internet marketing available to everyone. It goes into great detail about the three anchors that will keep your business firm and established in the tumultuous deep waters of global online business.
  1. Your Internet Presence (what you look like)
  2. Your Internet Brand (what makes you unique)
  3. Your Internet Following (what makes you prosper)
I use real world examples to illustrate exactly how to implement these vital features (drop the anchors). I also provide the step by step process that anyone can follow (technically literate or not).
Above all I make sure you understand why anchoring your business in this way is important to growing and thriving in the 'Online Business World.'

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